Current events

During Corona-Shutdown the Karlsruhe Gambenconsort ‘Les Escapades’ recorded a new video with me. Here the link:

27.9.2020, 18.00 Uhr
Gambenconsort: Les Escapades
D- 76227 Karlsruhe/ Durlach,
evangelische Stadtkirche, Am Zwinger 5
Geistliche Konzerte von Georg Christoph Strattner
mit Miriam Feuersinger und Monika Mauch, Sopran;
Alexander Schneider, Alt; Daniel Schreiber, Tenor;
Markus Flaig, Bass


General information:

At the moment it is difficult for singers to work together, sing in concerts or take lessons.
In case you are interested in one or two private lessons online (which btw works surprisingly well), please feel free to contact me!